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About us

Thelcon is a dynamic engineering & construction company, highly specialized in energy and environmental systems for buildings and industries.

Founded in 1999, the company has continued to grow for more than 20 years, establishing itself as an expert in the buildings sector. Thelcon’s staff has decades worth of experience in energy constructions and energy efficiency. The company has collaborated with nationally and internationally recognised bodies in energy projects, such as the European Union, the National Technical University of Athens, the Greek Energy Regulatory Authority and others.

Thelcon is also highly specialized in installing automation controls and constructing building energy management systems (BEMS), for large buildings and nationwide store networks. The company has undertaken and successfully carried out energy construction projects for major groups of private companies, such as Mytilineos S.A., Piraeus Bank Group, Ahold Delhaize and others.

Addressing future services and building needs, Thelcon has developed Thelsoft, an energy monitoring software for buildings and industries, aiming to further optimize energy efficiency and conservation.

20 +

Years of experience

100 +

Completed projects




Electromechanical Reports

E/M reports for heating & cooling, lighting, electrical and water supply networks, and more

Energy Constructions

Installation of air conditioning, lighting, photovoltaic, electrical vehicle charging stations, etc.


Designing and installing state of the art KNX systems, automating building operations.

Our Projects

Thelcon has successfully completed a number of challenging technical, engineering and energy projects for leading companies and organizations, in Greece and worldwide.



Thelsoft is our very own energy monitoring software. It offers complete monitoring, reporting and presentation of energy, water, temperature, and other environmental data of buildings and industries.

Complete platform

Identify when and why energy is consumed, and whether energy is wasted.

Custom solutions

Completely adaptable to every building and your needs.