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What is Thelsoft

Thelsoft is a smart energy monitoring & management software for buildings and industrial facilities.

It offers innovative functions for recording, processing and displaying energy data, such as real-time recording and displaying of energy & environmental data, energy and water consumption reports, and fully automated, custom energy reports.

It can be utilized in every building and industrial facility, in order to supplement the operation of the BEMS, enabling its users to obtain real-time, detailed control and display of the control system’s recordings.

Thelsoft - Monthly consumption report

Thelsoft's functions:

Detailed charts portraying energy and water consumption data.
Data can be sorted by day, month, and year, with a feature to compare data from different time periods.
Additionally, the data is also presented in table form, with a feature to save the data in .csv and .xls format, for direct and easy processing & editing.

Thelsoft creates fully automated monthly and yearly energy reports, fully customizable based on the client’s needs.
These energy reports can be exported in .doc format for further editing and analysis.

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption & environmental data.
The user can also create comparison charts with archived data, on a 24-hour, day, week, and month time scale.

Thelsoft performs consumption break-down, as well as specialized presentation of specific data, based on the type of consumption.

Monitoring of temperature, indoor and outdoor, as well as air quality in every area of a building or facility.

Thelsoft, Thelcon’s energy monitoring & management software, offers versatile energy management capabilities, fully adaptable to every building and customer needs.

Clients that use Thelsoft