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Domotel Kastri – Reconstruction

Project Information

Implementation of all electromechanical studies for the complete reconstruction of the Hotel and the Educational Centre (total surface of 6,000 m2).

  • Designed for maximum energy saving and indoor comfort
  • Energy upgrading of the building’s outer shell, as well as lighting, air conditioning – ventilation, power supply and control systems
  • Use of new efficient air conditioning technologies along with heat recovery for economical domestic hot water production
  • Ventilation with utilization of heat exchangers for further energy saving
  • Separate air conditioning units per room for less energy waste
  • Use of appropriate lighting system, with motion sensors in corridors and underground parking spaces for maximum energy saving.

Improvement of the BEMS design and energy monitoring of the entire complex.

  • Client Domotel Kastri
  • Category Energy Design
  • Location Kastri, Athens
  • Year 2014 - 2016