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National Technical University of Athens

Project Information

BEMS construction for energy monitoring of the entire National Technical University of Athens campuses in Zografou and Patission.

  • Installation of electricity meters in middle and low voltage fields, which are wirelessly connected to a centralized monitoring database
  • Monitoring of electric field sizes, energy breakdown and energy consumption analysis
  • Monitoring of indoor conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting intensity)
  • Creation of a centralized database and energy reporting using our Energy Management platform Thelsoft – via our energy management platform all energy consumptions and indoor conditions are monitored and detailed reports are presented to the users
  • Display of energy consumption on monitors for the visitors of the University’s library
  • Monthly detailed energy reporting regarding the energy consumption of each Department and School of the National Technical University of Athens across both of its campuses
  • Expansion of the initial installation (2015) and upgrade of the software and the energy monitoring network in 2020.
  • Client National Technical University of Athens
  • Category Energy
  • Location Athens
  • Year 2015, 2020 - ongoing