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Since its foundation in 1999, Thelcon has continued to expand its activities. The company has also deepened its specialization in building energy management systems.

Energy audits

Control Systems

Energy Constructions

Software Development


Energy Projects and Audits

Energy projects and audits for buildings and industries, design and construction of electromechanical systems.

Emphasis on energy efficiency, minimal environmental impact and optimal aesthetic results.

Energy Monitoring & Control

Energy recording and audits in buildings & industries.
Techno-economic proposals for systems upgrades and continual evaluation.

Air conditioning - Heating

Energy audits for heating & cooling systems in buildings, and upgrading using latest available technologies for optimal energy efficiency.


Lighting design for work spaces, in accordance with international standards.
Emphasis on aesthetic outcome and visual comfort for building users.

Building Shell - Bioclimatic Design

Upgrading existing building shells and comprehensive bioclimatic building designs.

Renewable energy

Installation studies for renewable energy systems. Carrying out their linkage with building(s) or power network.

Charging stations for electrical vehicles

Supply and installation of chargers for electrical vehicles.


Building Energy Management Systems(BEMS)

BEMS construction for buildings, industrial facilities and store networks.

Emphasizing on energy efficiency and optimal comfort conditions, by automating all the necessary operations.


Installation analysis for all control points in buildings. Integration of third-party systems via BACnet or ModBus communication protocols.

BEMS installation

Installation of new BEMS in buildings or upgrading of existing systems. Programming and commissioning for optimal operation.

Evaluation - Maintenance

Constant monitoring and evaluation of installed systems. Maintenance for proper operation and controlled systems longevity.

Energy software

Upgrade proposals for BEMS, using additional software for all-around building monitoring and control.


Design and installation of KNX systems to automate building operations. Controlling lighting & HVAC systems, and indoor comfort conditions. Installations in villas, hotels, and office buildings.